Your home is so much more than a place to sleep at night and a roof over your head. The way your home looks inside and out directly impacts the way you feel on a day-to-day basis. If your home is currently outdated, cramped, or stylistically different from the way you want it to, it is time to make a change. At EverGreen Construction Group, we provide remodeling and room addition services that can convert your home into the sanctuary of your dreams.

Kitchen Remodel

Interior Remodeling

There is nothing wrong with changing the looks of the interior of your home. EverGreen Construction Group is equipped with the right tools and enough experience to handle your interior remodeling.

Exterior Remodeling

Exterior Remodeling

An exquisitely designed exterior adds to the beauty of an environment, be it personal property or corporate building. We take on exterior remodeling to correct and add beauty to an already finished but unsatisfying project.


EverGreen Construction Group has all it takes to transform your kitchen from the bland, uninteresting space into a standard kitchen with state – of – the – art kitchen appliances and fittings so that the kitchen will be more fun and a coveted part of your home.


We fit up your bathroom and accessorize it with the best fittings you can ever think of. Your bathrooms can turn from unassuming at first glance to a majestic bathroom on the inside if it’s well planned and worked on by us.

Painting and Wall Covering

Home painting and wall covering is part of our services at EverGreen Construction Group. Painting a property adds to the glow of such property so also does a good wall covering adds value to it. We make use of oil-based paint to prevent toxic exposure and be eco – friendly in our work.


Insulations are a significant part of your home as it protects from nature’s harsh element and reduces your cost of heating and cooling. At EverGreen Construction Group, we make use of cost-efficient methods to carry out home insulations thereby reducing your future maintenance cost and home energy’s consumption.


General Repairs

EverGreen Construction Company also undertakes general home repairs. We are dedicated to bringing quality and reasonable home repair services to residents of southern California and its environs.  Ours is the best competitive price you can ever get around.

Room Additions

Are you in need of creating additions to your room, maybe a sunroof, an extra garage, a little extension to your living room, EverGreen has the best hands and experience to handle your custom design addition wherever you want it.

Acoustic Ceiling Removal

Removing acoustic ceiling texture can be daunting and messy if handled by inexperienced hands; EverGreen Construction Group carries out efficient acoustic ceiling removal while keeping your space clean and spotless during the project. We keep your property clean either by removing your furniture or providing professional protective coverings for them.

Electrical Works

Electrical works and installation is also part of our services at EverGreen Construction Group, be it power distribution, automation controls, UL upgrades or general troubleshooting, we carry it out efficiently with a qualified team of experts. We work bearing in mind that your safety is of utmost importance.


With our plumbing team, we carry out plumbing works like drainage, gas fittings, water mains, pipelines; drain unblocking, downpipes, etc. For some years now, we have been servicing homes in the Southern California area. We are always prompt and ever ready at your service.



We carry out carpet and rugs installation. Make your home beautiful and alluring with our range of carpet and rugs ranging from contemporary designs, antique rugs, custom carpet vintage rugs, Moroccan & textured rugs, Madeline Weinrib, just name it ., EverGreen Construction Group will help you turn your home to a beautiful paradise with delicately designed carpets.



EverGreen Construction Group has been crafting quality flooring for Southern Californian homes for a very long time. We have what it takes to add color to your home with little budget and in no time. We build the best floor possible with innovative design and quality products.


Tile Work

Carrying out tiles work on your flooring is also part of our services. We have stylishly, exquisite and signature designs of tiles that would make your home look elegant and also clean. We will work with your budget and give you the best at EverGreen Construction Group.



Heating in homes should be in a top shape such that you are kept safe and warm. Our heating services cover maintenance, repairs, replacement of gas furnaces, heating systems, electric furnaces, dryer vent, etc. EverGreen Construction Group with the help of qualified staff will handle your home heating systems to your satisfaction.


Air Conditioning

The dream of every homeowner is to be in your home and be comfortable with the weather. We install cooling systems that will make all the summer months convenient for you. Units that are very efficient and come with the standard rating and will consume less electricity making your home cool all through summer.


Crown Molding

EverGreen Construction Group carries out crown molding using an elegant approach that makes it easy to put trim on walls and ceilings before adding the crown. This process is done using quality materials that add taste to the exterior of your home and also looks attractive to others.


Granite & Marble Works

Our range of granite and marble services includes but not limited to granite, marble, limestone, and travertine, stone, engineered stone, etc. EverGreen construction carries out the design of these rocks delicately and yet beautiful and mesmerizing to add glamour to your homes.


Recessed Lightings

Part of our services at EverGreen Construction group is the installation of recessed lightings and fixtures. Option ranges from low voltage fixtures to LED or halogen which can all be used to illuminate anywhere in your home according to their sizes. Miniatures for the cabinets, top of shelf or niche to bigger ones that are used on the ceiling. We install them all.


Water Heaters

You can trust us with your water heater installation be it the electric water heater, the natural gas water heaters, or propane heaters. We install and manage your water heater at lesser cost than competitors out there. We will also help you in determining the best option for your home.


Tankless Water Heaters

The tankless water heater helps minimize energy cost and also reduce the need for extensive storage. Your daily home demand for hot water will determine the efficiency of a tankless water heater however it was found to be 35% efficient than the tradition tank-style water heater. Contact us at EverGreen Construction Group to install one for your home use.


High-Efficiency Fixtures

Our plumbing work is done using high-efficiency fixture. This is done in line with the regulation to conserve and protect the community around your home. It also helps in saving energy and cost. Every home project handled by EverGreen Construction Group is retrofitted with high-efficiency fixtures which saves a whole lot of energy consumption and thereby reduces your cost.


3D Design

Part of EverGreen Construction Group efforts at delivering the best is the use of 3D design to plan your space before building the real home. The 3D designs are automated software that helps you design and prepare the space in your supposed home before the actualization of such home. With this, you can have a feel of the home before it is done. This is done in a bid to serve you better.


Walk-in Tubs

Our walk-in tubs are designed with the needs of our seniors in mind. A haven for them to have a relaxing bath with equipment that helps and increase their mobility, relax their mind and offer them an improved sleep pattern. EverGreen Construction Group has it all figured out.


Lighting Systems

EverGreen Construction Group carries out lighting systems designs. We design systems that illuminate your home using the best of lighting equipment and latest technology. We take into consideration the existing electrical standards and regulations to give your home the perfect illumination you so desire.



As a construction group, our staffs are skilled and learned in all forms carpentry. In addition to this, we use quality materials and cutting-edge technology to produce sophisticated materials perfectly fit for your home. Ingenious products that will bring smiles to your face every time you see it and raise your lifestyle status.


Exterior Painting

With undivided attention to details, we carry out exterior paintings in your home. It may be that you want to change the exterior look of your home or maybe correct weather damage on your home, we provide quality painting and give you the most exceptional quality of your job at EverGreen Construction Group.



Protecting a home’s exterior has never been so easy with Tex-Cote protective coatings. With the right application process, you can be sure your house is covered, and you are safe from yearly paint maintenance. EverGreen Construction Group has professionals who are experienced in this art and also take great pride in their job.



If you are ever considering using Stucco for your home, don’t hesitate to contact us at EverGreen Construction Group to handle it whether it is pre-mixed or On-site mixed Stucco. We follow the ASTM regulations during the application and also the IBC rules.  You don’t have to worry about anything.



Enclosing the boundaries of your home might be due to many reasons, guard against theft, security, or even increase the market value of your property. At EverGreen Construction Group, we are into the installation of various types of fence.  Our services range from wood fencing to Vinyl Fencing, composite fencing to chain link fencing, just let us know what you need, and we will handle the rest.


Wrought Iron  

Wrought Iron can best be described as the best when it comes to fencing and EverGreen has the best hands to work with when it comes to wrought iron fence installation. We have our experience to call into play when dealing with Wrought Iron. We are the best you can get.


Garage Doors

EverGreen Construction Group takes on installation and repairs of garage doors. We work with big brand names in the industry to give you a grander quality and satisfy our clients. Whether you are repairing a faulty garage door or installing a new one, we are at your service to offer you the best.


Cement Work

Does your home need landscaping or concrete work? We design quality and affordable concrete work that brings out the beauty of your home. Be it stamped concrete, landscaping or concrete work. EverGreen Construction Group will enter into consultation with you so that together we can decide what is best for your home.


Patio Covers

There is nothing as beautiful as adding living space to a home. EverGreen Construction Group offers patio covers in different styles and designs, whether it is lattice design or solid overhang. There is always something beautiful and unique to add to your patio when you contact us.


Patio Enclosure

Patio enclosure, as well as a patio cover, are a significant part of living space as it prevents the elements of weather from disturbing when you are relaxing on the patio. It might even be for some privacy, it all boils down to handling by professionals. EverGreen Construction Group is the one to call for your enclosure installation. Excellent customer service and a lot of experience on the job.



EverGreen Construction Group installs quality roofing system for your homes at an affordable price. We have ready professionals who will handle your roofing installation. It does not matter if you are doing a new installation or replacing the old roof or even coatings, we are ready to work with you in realizing the home of your dreams without breaking the bank.   


Cool Roof

 A cool roof is specially designed roofs that reflect sunlight and at the same time cools itself by giving off the heats to its surrounding. Evergreen Construction Group installs the cool roof in your homes reducing the cooling energy cost of your home. Request for a free estimate today, and you will be glad you did.


Rain Gutters

Rain gutters are essential when planning a home. EverGreen Construction Group will install a proper gutter that will carry water away from the house to prevent erosion and guide against humidity, icy driveways and walkways, and leaks from the basement. A well-constructed drain will prevent you from spending extra money on maintenance after a torrential downpour.



The right windows for your new home greatly affect your staying in and enjoying the home. EverGreen Construction Group installs the best of custom made windows that are energy efficient and will reduce the cost of electricity consumed in the home.



EverGreen Construction Group will sit down to determine which kind of door will be suitable for your home regarding home‘s appeal and also your budget. We install sturdy doors that will keep your home secure and also withstand the elements of weather, A door installed to stand the test of time.


Artificial Turf

If you want to take all the task involves in maintaining a natural lawn of your list like mowing, edging, trimming, weeding, then think of artificial turf. And no other company can do it like EverGreen Construction Group. We install quality grass that will not fade coupled with the best installation technique and latest technology, your turf will always look green, and your home will become something to envy in your neighborhood.



Your outdoor space should not be left bland with anything beautifying it, contact EverGreen Construction Group today to handle the landscaping of your home. We do all kinds and forms of landscaping whether cold or hot, sun or shade, drought tolerant, bark or rock. We will turn your home into a welcoming sight for your visitors.


Solar Panels

Solar panels are a compelling alternative for energy consumption. With EverGreen Construction Group, you get the chance to choose solar plans according to your budget. We have reliable products that you can trust will last a lifetime with warranty. From designing panel to installation and deployment and handing over, you can trust us.   



As a construction company, EverGreen Construction Group qualified and experienced masons who know the secrets to quality and long-lasting hardscapes. This is evident in every job they handle and every project they do. Contact us today and let us add beauty to your home.


Pool Tile

EverGreen Construction Group performs pool tile installation, tile cleaning, and general pool cleaning. Intricately designed tiles for your pool, cleaning of the tiles in your pool and general maintenance of the pool are all services rendered by us. All this are carried out using factory trained and certified technicians coupled with many years of experience.



Whether it is cold, heat or condensation, insulation is what protects your home from any of these three. EverGreen Construction Company carries out insulation in your homes against heat, cold or condensation. We use quality materials like Prodextm also with the best technology practice to carry out the insulation of your home and prevent you and your family from feeling uncomfortable.



EverGreen Construction Group installs strong pavers to beautify your home surroundings. It may be your driveway, walkway, or sidewalk that you want to pave; it will be done according to your specification. You are free to choose from our collection of designs and concept to use for your home.



The material used for siding can enhance or at the same time decrease the beauty of a home. EverGreen Construction Group constructs siding from weather – resistant material that will be easy for them to cover the wall of the house. Highlight your style and improve the lifespan of your

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